Long Path Support API 1.2: SDK to work with long paths from c++ c# delphi etc

Long Path Support API 1.2

Library to be used with C#, C++, VB allows your programs to overcome standard limitation on path length to files and directories. This limitation encounters in explorer, different file managers, and even when working with WinAPI itself. Our libraries work with both NTFS and FAT32 file systems. The library solves the problem with trailing spaces or other unsupported characters in filenames as well.

names, files, than, path too long, accessing, longer, mac files, trailing dot, delete long path, 256 chars limit, 260 path limit

AWinstall 4.6: Professional installation development system for creating installers

AWinstall 4.6

AWinstall is a professional installation development system for creating .NET and WinAPI-based setups. With AWinstall, you can create compact multilingual setups for delivering your software on CD/DVD or via the net. It combines a minimal installer footprint with a robust and user-friendly development environment. A modern user interface, a help system and wizards allow you to create professional setups in minutes.

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GetColor! - Color Picker 1.01: GetColor! allows you to retrieve the color of any pixel on your desktop easily.

GetColor! - Color Picker 1.01

GetColor! allows you to retrieve the color of any pixel on your desktop easily: just move the eyedropper tool into any place of your desktop and GetColor! will show you the color value! This handy color-picker tool helps you to know the exact value of any color on your desktop. The color value is diplayed in 4 main forms: RGB, HEX, HTML and WinAPI constant (COLOR_*), and you are able to copy one or all of them to clipboard.

color, system color, pixel color, hex color, get color, html color, color picker

Alpha Clock 1.3.0: Tiny digital clock utility with LCD-style display and customizable colors

Alpha Clock 1.3.0

AlphaClock is an tiny clock utility with miniature, but very nice and sharp LCD-style digital watch display. It allow choose any colors for display background and digits, or use any predefined color sheme. AlphaClock can display local system time or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Written completely on pure WinAPI, AlphaClock occupy very small amount of system resources.

digital, clock, desktop

SI ColorPicker 1.0: Pick pixel colors as HTML, HEX or RGB values by simply dragging en eyedropper

SI ColorPicker 1.0

Pick pixel colors as HTML, HEX or RGB values. Drag the eyedropper tool onto a picture anything else on your desktop, and SI ColorPicker will display the exact value of that pixel in pixel in a number of formats from HTML to RGB. Even WinAPI system color constants are recognized and decoded! It takes just another click to place that string to a Windows clipboard, ready to be pasted into your Web page or C++ code.

eyedropper, color target, rgb color, web design, desktop color, hex color, html color, color picker